Finding A Professional Bookkeeper In Melbourne

Finding a professional, qualified, affordable bookkeeper in Melbourne can prove to be a tricky task. I was looking for a bookkeeper for my new business, and after asking around I was led to a company in Melbourne called AccountsAway. The team are very helpful, very friendly and know exactly what needs to be done and when.

For bank and credit card reconciliation, year end accounts and just general routine transactions from bank accounts – this company is extremely efficient. Running a small business is extremely time consuming and there a million and one things to do. It’s important tasks are done correctly, when it comes to bookkeeping, I recommend checking out

Eat in peace, cleanliness and space

Kitchens Melbourne wide are made by numerous companies who all boast about how good they are, why they’re better than their competitors and why you should use them. All this false marketing and mere puffs make you sick to the stomach because you can’t help but think that they’re lying.

Enter Perennial Kitchens. When I went on to their website, they had none of these crappy advertising campaigns and stupid sales pitches. It was just pure kitchen design and the kitchen design was amazing to look at. It showed me that Perennial Kitchens don’t need to do all these sale bluffs because they have such confidence in their service and products that this will take care of itself.

Perennial Kitchens = Yes please!

OH&S in The Workplace

As a business owner I know the importance of the occupational health and safety act in the workplace. I am forever trying to keep up with all the necessary protocols that are forever changing.

It is important to be aware of OH&S and to ensure your place of a business is a safe workplace. Not only is it important for you and your staff to feel safe at work, it can also increase productivity and loyalty from your employees.


I use a company called Workpro and they basically centralise employment related processes. The point is to ensure that you keep employees and contractors work ready, without all the stress, hassle and fuss of doing it all yourself – well at least trying to.

They offer a variety of services, such as training, visa and criminal checks. They work to help maintain a safe workplace. They offer a service that is customised to exactly what your company needs. Couldn’t recommend the friendly and professional, knowledgeable team from Workpro, anymore highly.

Don’t wait till it’s too late – be prepared and prevent accidents from happening where you can.


A Proven Tactic to Grow the Business

Five months into an SEO campaign and I am already seeing the huge benefits of what it can do for my business. Initially I was skeptical as to what SEO can really do. Could it really get my business on to the first of Google? Was this really going to convert into traffic to the website and into sales? I needed those answers to my questions.

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Careful attention to your goods

I love it when a company takes good care of your goods when you’re moving houses and offices. Sometimes you may come across a business that just shoves all yours good into a few boxes and hopes for the best that they don’t get damaged. Not with Warrigal Rd Packing Supplies though! They were intent on ensuring my goods got from one place to the other and maintained their condition. They wrapped my goods with bubble wrap so thoroughly that I don’t even think a bullet would have gotten through! This was very pleasing to see without even asking and I thank them for doing this for me.

PR Agencies In Sydney Unlike The Rest

Looking for PR Agencies in Sydney that aren’t like the rest? PR agents who work alongside you ensure they understand the business and market that you’re targeting is very important. You need to find a PR agent that is experienced and knows how to maximise the results.

I have been working with Agent 99 for years now, and I thought I would share my positive experience so far with them. They are a friendly team in Sydney who pride themselves on being the best in the business.

They get your business reluts, they exceeded my expectations and more than met the goals. Very happy working with Agent 99, and I know I will continue to be.

E-commerce; the key to success on the World Wide Web

It’s becoming more and more apparent that if your website isn’t integrated with E-commerce then you’re immediately behind the 8-ball. The transformation of shopping from retail outlets, shopping centres and shopping strips to the internet means that if you don’t sell online, you’re well behind!

A web design company I had recently spoken to by the name of Splashbox has completely changed the way I want to look at setting up my website. Initially my budget wasn’t so big and e-commerce websites can be quite pricey but after speaking to Splashbox, I am willing to put in the hard yards and save up some money or take a bit of a loan to be able to afford building an e-commerce website. The man I spoke to, Danny, alerted me of the huge move to e-commerce by the Australian market and how everyone shops online now. I thought to myself, if I’m going to create a really good website without the e-commerce dimension to it; is it worth it?

Clearly the answer was no, so I proceeded to find out more about what Splashbox do.


Splashbox offer website design Melbourne wide and have some huge clients to add to their already impressive repertoire. Green with Envy, Excel Drive and Disney Australia are just some of their huge cliental and all of these websites are integrated with E-commerce. I asked Danny if they still build websites for clients who don’t want e-commerce and he responded yes but alerted me of the fact that non e-commerce websites are becoming extremely outdated.

I was so grateful that I got to speak to someone so informative and so knowledgeable about their field of work. Danny was terrific in explaining that all the web design Melbourne clients Splashbox builds website for will drop off in their industry if they don’t have e-commerce.

It was very refreshing to hear the ideas of a web design industry expert and to see what the best option was for me. I now have a clear mind as to how I want to attack the next phase of building my new website and will certainly go forth with an E-commerce website once I have gathered up the funds!

3 Ways to Guarantee You Will Underperform In Your Career

Employee underperformance wreaks havoc on company profits and devastates job satisfaction. It’s a destructive phenomenon that is largely unavoidable. While LCB prefers to provide actionable “DO” lists, it is important to outline the preventable “DON’T” behaviours that some individuals may not be able to identify in themselves.

An organisation needs to take control of its human resources and needs to ensure the company and its strategies and processes are aligned. IT transition plan is a comprehensive transition plan which outlines activities and roles and responsibilities for the transition of infrastructure. Many companies do not realise this, but things like having a plan in place, is vital in ensuring success. An SLA template, a document outlining service levels, is also an important step for a company to implement.

In today’s IT centered business run world, managing your IT systems and processes are going to help your company and your staff in the day to day running of your business. IT due diligence may be necessary and perhaps a questionnaire that can guide you in the right direction.

You’ve seen it before. A colleague of yours is intelligent, creative, and capable; perhaps more so than his peers. Yet, in spite of his potential, he is stuck in a mid-level position and is dissatisfied with his job and career. So often, this state of career limbo carries on for years. Before he knows it, he’s looking at retirement with very few accomplishments of any significance and a laundry list of unattained and unrealized goals. This scenario is all too common, and can lead to an infectious negative attitude that spreads throughout the workplace.


Let’s explore three distinct, dangerous behaviours and attitudes that will result in underperformance, dissatisfaction, and thus, decreased organization performance.

1) Refuse Input and Advice from Peers

Regardless of your intellect and prestige of your degree on the wall, you don’t know everything. If you believe that accepting assistance from your colleagues, employees, and bosses is a sign of weakness and will show that you don’t belong in your position, you are making a very costly mistake. Your peers can provide a wealth of information from a lifetime of experiences, and rejecting this advice and input could deprive you of important information that you simply weren’t aware of. To top it off, you will come off as rude, insecure, and not a team player. You recognize and note the negative behavior of your peers, and your colleagues are no different. Don’t be surprised if this comes up during performance reviews for a promotion.

2) Assume Maintaining the Accepted Status Quo Will Yield Deserved Promotions

A significant portion of the workforce shares the mistaken belief that simply showing up to work and fulfilling your stated duties will earn you promotions and pay raises. While certain industries have incentive systems that reward seniority, a greater number of companies and industries are moving towards performance-based systems that reward innovation, creativity, and appropriate risk-taking. If you fail to adhere to the changing systems and expectations, you run the risk of being lapped by your colleagues and passed over for promotions by your superiors. LCB touched on this in an earlier post.

3) Reject Advice from Proven and Successful Leaders

Visionaries and successful leaders like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and Tony Robbins have seen it, lived it, and now look to share their success with you. Their goal is to empower you to be the greatest version of you that’s possible, and to allow you to take the steps in your life that can transform you into a successful, happy, and accomplished individual. Self-help “gurus” are a dime-a-dozen and often offer nothing more than what they read and heard from others. But true visionaries like those mentioned above can catapult you to the next stage of life and your career, allowing you to realize your true potential. If you reject their educated, experienced, and proven advice as common self-help trash, you are abandoning an opportunity to develop your professional and personal skills. Set your ego aside and learn from those who have proven they have the knowledge and abilities to succeed.

Too often individuals navigate their careers and allow professional goals and personal dreams to fall by the wayside as they fail to meet the expectations they set for themselves. Demotivation, a critical organizational behavior concept, has devastating effects on employee productivity and thus, company performance. This trap is often self-inflicted, and you can avoid falling into the cycle by stopping yourself when you notice you may be exhibiting the three aforementioned behaviors and attitudes.

Top Tips for Saving Electricity

At a time when electricity prices are rising across Australia, people are increasingly worried about being able to afford their high electricity bills. Fortunately, there are various simple things that we can do every day in order to save electricity and get lower bills:

  • The simplest thing to do is turn off the electrical appliances when you are not using them. We often leave our computers and TVs on standby and this can result in 20% of electricity usage. Simply turning off all your electrical appliances at night will be able to save you a considerable amount of money. This also means that light bulbs should always be switched off when you are not in the room.
  • Another simple thing to do is to purchase light bulbs that are energy efficient and environment friendly since these will use less energy and will therefore result in lower utility bills.
  • Invest in renewable resources for long term savings. Effective use of solar panels will you to generate electricity at home at a very low cost.
  • Be aware of the prices of electricity in your area. A good electricity broker will actually do all the homework for you and provide you with accurate quotes so you can find an electricity supplier that offers the cheapest rates. This can be one of the best ways to save electricity today in the long run. When combined with the use of renewable energy, this can bring down your electricity bills drastically. A large number of people in Australia are switching their electricity suppliers today since it is one of the easiest way to start saving electricity.
  • Another tip is setting a timer for your central heating and cooling so that it would be turned off when you don’t need it and turned on automatically when you are at home.
  • In many cases it would be advisable to purchase electricity and gas from the same company to get a dual discount. Quite a lot of companies today offer good discounts and lower rates when you purchase both from them. This will bring down your overall cost and will allow you to easily manage your electricity and gas bills rather than juggling with different bills and different due dates.
  • Use automated timers wherever possible. There are automated electricity solutions available for a large range of electrical appliances today and this will help you ensure that the appliances are switched off when not in use so you can enjoy a good amount of savings.

These were a few simple but very effective tips that will help you cut down on your electricity usage as well as enjoy lower electricity bills. Many of these tips are also very environmentally friendly. Finding an electricity supplier that offers you the cheapest rates is one of the best ways to save money today and is a solution that a lot of people in Australia rely on today to prevent high utility bills.