Meet Deepthi, founder, prime host, speaker, and blogger. She cuts through the chaos and clutter to focus on success and things that really matters to your life and livelihood. Deepthi goes on a quest to uncover the insights and ideas of people, celebrities, and business entrepreneurs that will help you get to where you need to go.


A previous entrepreneur and business banker, Deepthi says “ there’s opportunity everywhere. It’s whether you are ready and how fast you can tap into it. Dancing was never my profession. It was only a strong hobby, but I leveraged both my qualifications and my passionate hobby at the right time and right place! ”
She established one of the first global Bollywood Dance and music inspired fitness programs in North America under the name Bollyrobics Bolly-D dance fitness in 2010. The brand gained recognition on CBC, Prime Time Alberta, CTV, and was also successfully featured on Canada CBC’s Dragons Den. She was also nominated for Alberta Women’s Entrepreneur and throughout her career conducted several mentorship, training and coaching programs for school and university students. Deepthi has also been a donor partner for several charitable causes the major one being “ I am a Girl “ project for Plan Canada.

With a Business Analyst degree, a business background, and a banking finance profession, Deepthi has worn several hats in the business sector. Deepthi continues to provide small business support and solutions and is always open to the right business opportunity!