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Deepthi, is an executive search recruiter /headhunter at one of Canada's boutique Executive Search firms called Leaders International. She is also a client relationship expert, a business development professional and most importantly a community advocate. She wears several hats and cuts through the chaos and clutter to focus on things that really matter. Deepthi goes on a quest to uncover the insights and ideas of business entrepreneurs and organizations to find the best talent out there that will help their business thrive.

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A previous entrepreneur, business banker, and dedicated community advocate Deepthi says “There’s opportunity everywhere." It’s whether you are ready and how fast you can tap into it. Dancing was never my profession. It was only a strong hobby, but I leveraged both my qualifications and my passionate hobby at the right time and right place to start a business when there was a demand at that time ! ”
She established one of the first global Bollywood Dance and music inspired fitness programs in North America under the name Bollyrobics Bolly-D dance fitness in 2013. The brand gained recognition on CBC, Prime Time Alberta, CTV, and was also successfully featured on Canada CBC’s Dragons Den. She was also nominated for Alberta Women’s Entrepreneur and throughout her career conducted several mentorships, training, and coaching programs for school and university students. Deepthi is a philanthropist at heart and had been a contributor of services to various non-profit organizations throughout the Alberta region during her time as an entrepreneur. 
With a Business Analyst degree, a business background, a banking professional and presently an executive search associate, Deepthi has worn several hats in the business sector. A client relationship professional, an ardent business networker, she continues to help businesses grow through business referrals, challenging new markets and most importantly finding the best talent out there. Deepthi is passionate about seeing businesses succeed and continues to provide small business support and solutions as a part-time freelancer and is always open to the right opportunity! A community well-being advocate she has strived in helping and initiating various volunteer health programs for children at large and continues to do so. Her key accountabilities include client relationships, talent acquisition, public relations, business development and customer service, She is presently an expert executive search recruiter at an Executive Search firm called Leaders International in Edmonton, Alberta.

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A very known attribute of Deepthi is that she is also a charismatic and multi-talented artist. Her inherent passion for art, culture, entertainment and the fashion industry has won her accolades of credit in television and media throughout her career. She is trained professionally in the Indian dance art form of Bharathnatyam and Mohiniyattam and has appeared on various national art and culture platforms. Her brand was called Bollywood Beats. She was also the founder of the first Bollywood music and dance inspired fitness program in Canada, called Bolly-D dance fitness which was featured on the reality TV show Dragon Den in 2015. Deepthi has recently been selected as one of the the Finalists for the Mrs India Worldwide, 2023 , Season 12 pageant and she will be one of the contestants representing Canada in June 2023. She is proud to stand as an ambassador, representing her Indian art and culture in Canada.

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