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Finance & Operations


I believe that through identifying where the business is burning cash I can help stop the bleeding. I can create a control at the start of a process before they are surprises.

Mu skills include:

• Profit Maximisation Strategies

• Cost Reducing Strategies

• Compliance and Risk Management

• Break-Even Analysis and Reporting

• Working Capital Management

• Loan and Credit Facilities Management


All roads lead back to finance, so to control your financial position is what I say, you should control the operations of your business. By reviewing what you do, how you do it, and why - I can help provide clarity on where the business is burning cash. By simplifying systems and processes with what needs to be done, rather than what is actually being done, I can help eliminate inefficiencies, improve profits and cash flow. I assess the risks exposed in your business and establish internal controls to mitigate risks. Each division  can be reviewed with solutions on streamlining and improving operational efficiencies and profitability. Pain points are identified and solutions to fix them at their core - not the surface, where they will resurface later. Smoother running business is created without the daily roadblocks. The aim is for the business owner to gain control of their business and the way it operates and with my forte I can help you do that.

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