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Sales Transformation

I believe that a business should deep dive on what and how you sell and where issues arise & when. I can help transform the sales cycle through systems, processes, and KPIs.

My skills include:

• Gross Profit analysis

• Customer Profitability analysis

• Product or Service Rationalisation

• Pricing Structure Strategies

• ROI on Sales Reps

• Sales Budgets and KPIs

• Customer Acquisition

• Proposals and Tenders

Sales & Marketing plans focus on key target markets, customers and industries. It explores where you can strengthen relationships – new and existing. It will guide where the Sales team should be focusing and what to sell. By having greater control over the Sales cycle through systems and processes, the higher the chances of customer conversion. Progress and execution (or lack there of) is proactively monitored through reporting.

I can help transform the Sales cycle through:

• Analysis of sales data to investigate eroding Gross Profit margins.

• Strategies to increase Gross Profits and Net Profits.

• Creating meaningful sales forecasts and budgets for the Sales team.

• Establish KPIs to deliver impressive ROI.

• Develop systems and processes for automation.

• Rectify the root cause of customer dissatisfaction.

• Establish internal controls to improve discounts, credit notes and sales pricing.

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