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Cash Flow Management

Cashflow strategies are implemented to control cash inflow and outflow. I can help create insights on where cash opportunities and cost savings lie.

My skills include:

• Strategies to boost Cash Flow

• Improve Debtor days

• Cashflow Projections

• 3-way cash flow modeling

Cash flow is a critical part of any business. If not properly monitored and controlled it can be the end of your business. Understanding cash flow drivers and establishing internal controls will assist in long term stability. I can help establish internal controls to improve cash flow by reviewing the:

• Sales and Cash Collections,

• Purchasing and Payments,

• Inventory control and Management,

• Operational Processes, 

• Financial Commitments.

Cash flow is not an area that can wait to be fixed. I can help small businesses restore from survival to stability and then growth. There is no point in building a business on weak foundations. I understand that cash is not usually the primary issue. It is everything around it that is creating losses and instability. My thoughts are don't wait until it is too late to fix your cash flow situation. Act now and gain control.

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