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Business Turnaround

My forte includes finding out underlying causes to find solutions to implement a strategy for business survival. I can help do a full business review is undertaken and executed.

My skills include:

• Company Restructuring

• Full Business Operational Review

• Process Re-engineering

• Cost Control Management

• Cash Flow Management


When faced with financial difficulty owners can feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to manage their cash flow issues. I can help reduce the personal and financial pressure by implementing and executing an effective plan. I can review all areas of the business to identify the causes of an underperforming business and provide solutions to the root causes. By identifying the underlying causes I can help give the business the best chance of survival. Businesses dealing with a distressed balance sheet and performance challenges do not have time to waste. They need fast action to stabilize and rectify the situation. I can drive the change needed to save your business. I can negotiate with key stakeholders including suppliers, customers, banks, unions, and landlords to have them on board with the restructuring process. My aim would be to stabilize and rescue your business.

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