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  • Deepthi Koshy


The art of eliminating 'toxic' to achieve success.

Whether you know it or not, the people you choose to surround yourself will have an effect on the way you perceive reality. The funny thing is it's hard to notice toxic people. They come off as friendly and kind first and before you know it you're stuck in a rut that only hinders your intellectual growing process.

Avoiding negative people and surrounding yourself with optimists and goal chasers will evidently help you see the world in a more positive way. These people love motivating those around them to succeed and love celebrating the success of their friends. This is POSITIVITY and it's imperative to make it the way of life !

Here's a piece of " business life advise ". Distance yourself from :

1) The Skeptical Doubters

Doubt is another form of pessimism just a little more subtle. Pessimistic people always have some made-up theory as to why something isn't going to work out. They're convinced that only extraordinary people can achieve extraordinary things - the truth is, anyone can achieve extraordinary things, it's just up to us to go out and get it.

2) The Conformist Birdies

These people are the ones who are complacent, the ones who work 45 hours a week at a job they don't enjoy. They live within the constraints society has put into place for them, never setting any personal goals or trying to achieve them. They are completely content with their work, eat, sleep lifestyle.

3) The Entitled Folks

These are the ones that believe that they are entitled to everything great that life has to offer. They have high expectations and never go the extra mile and have high expectations. When people around them are succeeding, they become envious which than leads to destruction. They end up projecting the negative emotions they have created from not succeeding onto you. These are the kind of people that kill any form of motivation because they have none. all because they have this warped idea that the world favors everyone else except them.

4) The Complainers

These people are the worst! They always have something or someone to complain about. They are always noticing the cracks and flaws in life, and hardly have anything positive to say. Their system has been set to pessimism. They are the whiners in life, the ones who whine about almost everything and never do anything about it. They are constantly giving off negative vibrations and those vibrations are extremely contagious. Those negative vibrations end up molding the perceptions of those around them and eventually you begin to see life the way they do, "nothing is good enough "!

So when looking at success, I like to see it as a recipe, you need motivation, some self-discipline, hard work and most importantly good company!


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