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  • Deepthi Koshy

How to remain "ON BRAND" during the COVID-19 #time of crisis ?

Things are opening up which is a good sign. However the cloud of uncertainty still hovers over our head ! Should your company be focusing on 'branding' during this time of crisis? Branding is abstract and in its true essence it is sort of like playing mind games with your consumer. You are always branding every moment of your business. I've been mentored that "Marketing is how you see yourself" "Advertising is how you react to the public" "Branding is how others see you" I would like to believe that branding is like dating..... to make the best impression with the customers, a company needs to put on its best outfit and a winning smile and let its personality come through. A good brand will make sure the relationship between the company and its customers stays strong and an effective brand

Strategy gives the company a major edge in this increasing competitive market . So what better time is it do that than now?! During periods of effective change, it's paramount that organizations know what their brand represents to customers. 1) Re-align the customer service cycle : Pin point the brand essence and re-align that with your customer experience - safety, on-time delivery, exceptional quality, speed, cost-leadership. Ensure that your unique selling point (USP) is maintained and delivered. Delivering on brand during global pandemic requires you to adapt to rapid change and respond with appropriate operational and marketing initiatives that are aligned with your customers brand expectations. 2) Pivot the focus to compassion, care and community. Brands need to be useful now : Example: • Use the human touch and be empathic. Your brand can earn you some good reputation during this period • Use the brand authority and media presence into reliable factual information to educate the public and instruct people about the crisis such as graphics indicating wash hands and cleanliness • stream lining the language of the brand to consumers and vice versa by digitalizing and helping other to digitalize.

• Production is shifting to make products and services catered towards the crisis. Leverage the organization's branding skills inwards by offering something truly cost effective such as donations for support . Support is most needed now. I've always felt brands are like people, because people don't fall in love with the business. They fall in love with the personality and the pandemic is the best medium to show your true personality " YOUR BRAND "

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