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  • Deepthi Koshy


#TimeOfCrisis #smallbusinesssupport! #UNCERTAINTY !versus!!#BETTERMENT The present catchphrase of our Health and Economic Crisis is " At this time of Uncertainty ".......but are we actually ??? We all know, we are all in the frontline of uncertainty and uncertainty being hard to navigate puts our minds into the stressful scramble of! 'survivalist thinking!' #leadershipsupport For business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders, it's sort of a double whammy situation as not only do you not have answers for yourselves, you want to rid your teams, friends, colleagues and family of the discomfort. 4 things to revisit given uncertainty #theemotionalleader #softissues : 1) Acknowledge the uncertainty ! We sure as heck are uncertain but openly recognize this fact as value at this

point. Be certain about the uncertain. Be certain about the future. • This situation gave us the ability to see what we all have, put our arms around it, prepare for the next phase and mourn its effect as a shared community. Uncertainty together is better than uncertainty alone. 2) Understand flexibility is the new normal ! The winds may blow us in any number of directions, however that's the entrepreneur life and no-one said it's gong to be easy. • We must prepare to change course in all those directions as needed. • We don't make one plan; we must make many plans. • Each day revisit each plan which seems best, because that too might change. Priorities might shift. • Explaining this new normal to your team mates is important, so they can see that what's going on isn't chaotic decision making but rather strength through flexibility. 3) Keep Leading ! Leaders lead • As a leader your job is to lead. Don't get caught up on the noise and buzz around you. Just like a pilot who is asked to fly the plane, his sole job is to dammit " fly the plane" as the control is in his hands. • Your role is to keep leading, vocally and visibly as best as you can. However in the absence of information people fear the worst. So uncertainty is not an excuse to lay low till you know more. It's a

moment to step up and speak the truth of what you knows a leader!and don't. • Balance realism and optimism Never confuse the faith that you will prevail in the end - to which you can never afford to lose - with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality whatever they maybe. 4) Renew and rejuvenate a sense of purpose • Normalcy maybe destroyed,!but what is left behind in our lives can remind us of why we are here and what matters most. • Help those around you to connect to themselves and each other and for a larger purpose. • Finally, our sense of meaning is to be found in those ties and things that come of these efforts.

"And as leaders , at this time of

crisis, the heart of our humanity is

the one thing, the most important

thing to count on. Bring out the

human in you!#Staysafe

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